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Damascus Roof and Tales of Paradise, Soudade Kaadan, 2011

Damascus Roof and Tales of Paradise + Panel Discussion with Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

4 Apr 2013

Syria's rich storytelling tradition has been passed from grandparents to grandchildren, filled with colourful imagery entrenched in the nation's culture. As modernisation ravages the old familiar city of Damascus, will this cherished cultural heritage vanish amidst the rubble and disruption? A spellbinding journey through the art, architecture and vibrant stories that still - just - inhabit the heart of an ancient city.

Presented in partnership with Al Jazeera Documentary Channel

Head over to our blog for a discussion on some of the themes explored in the film, with director Soudade Kaadan and two leading writers on architecture.

Dir. Soudade Kaadan, Syria/Qatar 2011, 52 min.


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