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Cut and Splice: Grúndelweiser

3 Nov 20116 Nov 2011

The ICA is pleased to announce the return of the Cut & Splice contemporary music festival for 2011. This year's festival theme is the role of the collective in modern composition and sound art practice under the banner Grúndelweiser - a four-day programme into the hive-minds of two of the most intriguing international composer groups operating today Grúpat and Wandelweiser.

Grúpat is an international arts collective based in Ireland. The founding members met at a rave in the Dublin mountains in 1999; since then the collective and its members have taken on a series of shifting identities from their earliest incarnation as the Avant Gardaí through the Grúpat of today. Formed in 1992, the Wandelweiser collective has created a body of work characterised by its great beauty, economy and focus. Taking the music and aesthetics of John Cage, Morton Feldman and Christian Wolff as shared starting points, the Wandelweiser composers share an interest in the exploration of compositional process and a common concern for silence and duration.

Programme details are listed below. Please note all performances will be seated.
Performances will also be broadcast on BBC Radio 3's Hear and Now show at 22:30 on the 5th and 12th of November.

Cut and Splice Grúndelweiser is produced by SAM and BBC Radio 3.

Thurs 3 Nov, 19:30
Michael Pisaro: Melody, Silence
(performed by Michael Pisaro)
Christian Wolff: Stones
(performed by The Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble - Antoine Beuger, Eva-Maria Houben, Marcus Kaiser, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro, Burkhard Schlothauer, Manfred Werder)

Friday 4 Nov, 19:30
Violetta Mahon: Dream Diaries
(performed by Ensemble Ascolta and Violetta Mahon)
Ukeoirn O'Connor: Three Songs
(performed by Jennifer Walshe)
Detleva Verens: Scintillia
(performed by Jennifer Walshe)
The Dowager Marchylove: The Wasistas of Thereswhere
(performed by Jennifer Walshe)
Marcus Kaiser: Unterholz
(performed by Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble - Antoine Beuger, Marcus Kaiser, Michael Pisaro)

Saturday 5 Nov, 19:30
Freya Birren: Libris Solar
(performed by Ensemble Ascolta and Freya Birren)
Turf Boon: Community Choir
(performed by Ensemble Ascolta and Jennifer Walshe)
Freya Birren: The Faerie Queen
(performed by Jennifer Walshe)


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