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Daniel Rachel, photo by Lawrence Impey

Culture Now: Daniel Rachel and Caroline Sullivan

30 Aug 2013

Musician and author Daniel Rachel discusses his upcoming book with music journalist Caroline Sullivan. Isle of Noises: Conversations with Great British Songwriters is a collection of interviews with more than twenty of Britain's greatest musicians, including Ray Davies, Jonny Marr, Joan Armatrading, Robin Gibb, and Jimmy Page.

Isle of Noises features exclusive and in-depth interviews with many of the UK’s greatest living musicians. The heart of the book is to understand songwriting and the creative process behind the craft, with each interviewee discussing the inspiration and working practice behind their most successful songs.

Daniel Rachel is a singer-songwriter who currently works in theatre. His true passion has always been to understand how artists write the songs that make them famous, and after reading an American book called Songwriters on Songwriting, he went in search of the British equivalent. He didn’t find it. So decided to create the book he wanted to read.

Caroline Sullivan is an American-born, Brighton-based journalist who writes about pop for The Guardian.


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