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Cry For Mercy, dir Joel Benson, 2009.

Cry for Mercy & The Family Legacy & Miss Sgodiphola

8 Nov 2009

Cry for Mercy is a shocking and revealing documentary which highlights the plight of Nigeria’s abandoned children. Screening with The Family Legacy, a docu-soap drama tackling sickle cell disease and the damage it causes families, and Miss Sgodiphola, a 12-minute film about a beauty contest.

Running Order:

Cry For Mercy
Opening with a heart-wrenching first person account of an impoverished and sexually-abused young woman who tried to kill her baby, this documentary highlights the plight of Nigeria’s abandoned children and celebrates the remarkable work of Rev. Mrs. Dele George, founder and director of Little Saints Orphanage in Lagos. This film contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.
dir Joel Benson, Nigeria 2009, 55 mins, cert 15, World Premiere.

The Family Legacy + Q&A Sunday 8th Nov / 16.30 / ICA Cinema 1 After a test, pregnant Simi discovers that she carries the sickle cell gene. Anxious to know if her unborn child might develop the disease, she urges fiancé Femi to undertake the test too. Hurt in his pride, Femi claims that he doesn’t have that “sickle cell defect” and refuses to submit to the test. 10 months later when the baby is diagnosed as having the disease, Femi deserts wife and child. Simi finds refuge at her parents’ house and the whole family rallies around her to try and learn more about sickle cell and bring Femi back to his senses. Filmed in a docu-soap style, this innovative drama addresses a sensitive issue in a convincing and engaging way.
dir Jane Thornburn, UK 2008, Digibeta, 24 mins.

Miss Sgodiphola
It’s Saturday afternoon in the town of Sgodiphola and Innocentia is a finalist in the annual beauty contest. An unexpected event will give her the opportunity to shine.
dir Andy Kasrils, South Africa 2008, 12 mins, Zulu with English subtitles.


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