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Confessions of a Dog, Dir Gen Takahashi Cast Shun Sugata, 2006

Confessions of a Dog + Director Q&A

16 Feb 2011

"Best Japanese Film of 2010" Midnight Eye
"The most devastating indictment of Japan's police ever committed to film" Twitch
"A courageous and uncompromising film" Empire

Violence, illegal pay-offs, drugs, intimidation – all things that you would relate to the yakuza, the Japanese mafia, but Gen Takahashi’s epic 3-hour exposé introduces us to the most dangerous gang on the streets – Japanese Law Enforcement.

Takeda (Shun Sugata) is an honest police officer, father and husband, but after he’s promoted to detective he quickly becomes embroiled in dirty back room dealings, blackmail, and corruption that goes right to the top of the force. Meanwhile renegade investigator Kusama (Junichi Kawamoto) must decide whether he should shake the foundations of Japanese law enforcement with the information that has come into his possession about the police. What will happen if both these men listen to their consciences? Too controversial to receive a theatrical release in Japan, Confessions of a Dog has instead been distributed out of Hong Kong and has won critical praise from around the globe at festival screenings.

Dir Gen Takahashi Cast Shun Sugata, Junichi Kawamoto, Harumi Inoue, Kunihiko Ida, Hironobu Nomura, Japan, 2006, 195 mins rec cert. 15


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