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Thomas Vinterberg, The Commune, 2016

The Commune

29 Jul 201610 Aug 2016

Inspired by his hippie childhood in Copenhagen, writer-director Thomas Vinterberg’s latest finds bored TV newsreader Anna (Trine Dyrholm, Love Is All You Need) coercing her lecturer husband Erik (Ulrich Thomsen) into turning the mansion he’s inherited into an experiment in communal living. However, Anna becomes less enamoured of the plan when the volatile Erik starts an affair with one of his students.

Incidents involving various inmates and a committed leftist (Lars Ranthe) who’s given to randomly burning property also don’t fit into her scheme of things. Vinterberg reaffirms his versatility following the costume romance Far From The Madding Crowd and 2012’s cruel social drama The Hunt. The cast handles it all with a beguiling playfulness, albeit tinged with an underlying seriousness regarding the pitfalls of social engineering.

The Commune, dir. Thomas Vinterberg, Denmark/Sweden/Netherlands 2016, 112 mins. Danish with English subtitles.


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E.g., 20-06-2018