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Cold Fish, Dir Sion Sono, 2010

Cold Fish

8 Apr 201127 Apr 2011

★★★★ Evening Standard

"A triumphantly unhinged achievement from an intelligent and profoundly individual filmmaker, who clearly delights in darkness" Electric Sheep

"Asia Extreme fans will lap up this blood-soaked Japanese comedy... at its best and beasliest, recalls the likes of Audition" Metro

"it's surprising how much of it works" Daily Telegraph

Following his four-hour epic Love Exposure, director Sion Sono returns with a blackly-comic thriller inspired by the real case of a serial killer who dispatched more than fifty people. Mild-mannered father Shamoto, whose rebellious daughter is making life with his new wife a misery, finds himself taken under the wing of hugely confident and successful tropical-fish salesman Murata. However, Murata is far from who he at first appears to be, as Shamato learns firsthand when he witnesses the charismatic and remorseless killer in cold-blooded action. From there, Sono spins out an unpredictable and unsettling story that never lets the viewer relax, creating a movie with moodswings that match those of its terrifying lead character. Be warned: the film features scenes of extreme violence and is not for the faint-hearted.

Released by Third Window

Dir Sion Sono, Japan 2010, 144 mins, 18, digital print


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