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Still: Close To Home

Close To Home

6 Apr 200726 Apr 2007

Two very different young women - rebellious Smadar and the diligent Mirit - perform their Israeli military service in Jerusalem, patrolling the city's border. Gradually, as the days wear on, they put aside their differences and start to connect with one another on a personal level, while also coming to terms with the political dimensions of the space in which they operate. This observant and trenchant drama from co-directors Dalia Hager and Vidi Bilu views the reality of life in Jerusalem through the eyes of characters who are only just starting to see things clearly for themselves, connecting the viewer to the current situation at street-level. A fresh and engaging political film, with deep reserves of strength beneath its essential simplicity.

A Soda Pictures release.

Dirs Dalia Hager & Vidi Bilu, Israel 2005, 90 mins, Subtitles


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