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Pablo Trapero, The Clan, 2016

The Clan

23 Sep 201629 Sep 2016

Pablo Trapero’s sweeping, fiercely intelligent riff on the Mob movie tells a violent and disturbing story of kidnapping on a massive scale, perpetrated by a monstrous patriarch (Guillermo Francella) and his family in ’80s Argentina. Inspired by a true-life case of murder and extortion, the film echoes the heightened, stylised quality of Scorsese in style – complete with classic rock soundtrack, sweeping Steadicam sequences and elaborate editing. However, when these elements are combined with Trapero’s characteristic brutal realism, social conscience and real-life political context, the effect is altogether more unsettling and complex. A stunning achievement in genre experimentation.

The Clan trailer - in cinemas & Curzon Home Cinema from 16 September

The Clan, dir. Pablo Trapero, Argentina/Spain 2015, 108 mins, cert. 15, Spanish with English subtitles.


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