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Still: Grown-Ups

CinematICA: Grown-Ups + Mike Leigh Q&A

1 Apr 2009

Funny, moving and always acutely observed, Mike Leigh's stories famously start without a script and evolve through improvisation between writer and actors. To coincide with the release of a new DVD collection showcasing all his work with the BBC, we are very happy to welcome Leigh to the ICA cinema for a screening of Grown-Ups, the BBC drama starring Lesley Manville, Brenda Blethyn and Lindsay Duncan, originally aired in 1980 and now digitally remastered. The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the director and Amy Raphael, author of Mike Leigh on Mike Leigh. Part of the campaign to refurbish the ICA cinemas and maintain a future independent programme.

With thanks to 2Entertain and Thin Man Films.

Dir Mike Leigh, UK 1980, 95 mins


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