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Cinema Komunista: Dir. Mila Turajlic, Serbia, 2010

Cinema Komunisto

23 Nov 20129 Dec 2012

Many movie fans won’t know that the former Yugoslavia once had a film industry whose resources rivalled those of France and Italy, and which attracted likes of Hitchcock, Welles and Loren. That was during the reign of dictator Marshal Tito, a serious film buff who watched a film with dinner most nights and created a world-class studio complex, Avala Films, to turn his own celluloid fantasies into, well, celluloid fantasies. Cinema Komunisto is an astonishing account of Tito’s obsession: he literally used his entire armed forces to make his war movies look authentic, and made a biopic of himself with Richard Burton in the leading role. But the film is also the story of Tito’s country, cleverly told through clips from his movies. Don’t expect an objective history lesson – but you will be completely fascinated.

Director Q&A
A Q&A with director Mila Turajlic will follow the screening on Fri 23 Nov.

Dir. Mila Turajlic, Serbia, 2010, 100 mins. Serbian with English subtitles. 


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