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Chris & Keir Family Workshop: Last of the Fizzy Lime

12 Feb 2011

Using Sally O’Reilly’s Live Weekend The Last of the Red Wine as a starting point, The Last of the Fizzy Lime is the pilot episode of Chris+Keir’s sitcom about family workshops at the ICA. Chris+Keir work with children and their parents/guardians to devise, write, produce and film a sitcom, all in two hours.

The sitcom explores the ‘family workshop’ experience from a child’s perspective. What do children really think about coming to do a workshop on a Saturday morning? Do they enjoy themselves? Would they rather be playing X-Box than making art? What would they like to do differently?

Once we’ve brainstormed, decided the story line, allocated acting responsibilities, written the script together, we can begin rehearsing the sitcom, before delivering a final ‘live’ performance to an invited audience. At its core, and within the spirit of The Last of the Red Wine, The Last of the Fizzy Lime invites children to present their thoughts and observations on what they really think of the gallery based family workshop experience.


E.g., 22-09-2018
E.g., 22-09-2018