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Charles Hinton + Mr Freedom

7 Apr 2011

As part of the Nathaniel Mellors: Ourhouse exhibition, Nathaniel Mellors and Strange Attractor Journal editor Mark Pilkington have assembled a series of weekly events, consisting of a talk and a film, exploring some lesser-known intersections of culture, history, mind and nature.

You can book for either the talk or film seperately, or both together for a reduced rate.

Talk: Charles Hinton, Pioneer of the Fourth Dimension with Mark Blacklock, 7pm
Mark Blacklock considers how Victorian Britain discovered the joys of multi-dimensional reality and discusses Charles Hinton, the man who introduced them to it.

Film: Mr Freedom, 8.30pm
The story of a pro-American, rightwing superhero who travels to France when he hears it is in danger of falling to the ‘commies’. 
Dir William Klein, France, 1969, 95 mins, DVD


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E.g., 18-08-2018