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Aro Korol, Battle of Soho, 2016

Changing London: Battle of Soho (excerpts) + discussion

9 Aug 2016

This final event of our Changing London Cinematheque season screens excerpts from new independent film Battle of Soho. We welcome Aro Korol (director), Michela Peacock (Executive Producer) and Ally Clow (Curzon Soho) for a panel discussion chaired by Clare Lynch (Soho Society).

The gentrification of Soho affects not only the LGBT community and its Drag Queen sub-culture, but also the cabaret atmosphere of the entire neighborhood in enormous ways. This active pursuit to destroy a bubbling and vibrant part of the city’s heart is viewed by many as an atrocity akin to turning the lights off on Broadway. An active movement to bring a halt to this disaster has begun to unfold with one organization after another emerging to fight for Soho.


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