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The Cesarians

The Cesarians plus Martin Creed and his band

5 Jun 2010

The spirit of rock and roll has hauled himself out of bed. He’s called up his demons, put on his best black suit and returned to the city’s dark places. His new playmates are The Cesarians. Had rock and roll been born in 1930s urban Europe and not 1930s rural America, it would have been like this; part Kurt Weill, part Jacques Brel, part klezmer. Looking like a band formed in the mind of George Grosz, The Cesarians capture the urban zeitgeist via the junk shop instruments of old Europe. In their hands, a clarinet, tenor horn, trombone, piano, and drums beaten in waltz time, make raw and raucous rock and roll.

Co-headline from the inimitable Martin Creed. Creed's music is striking, even violent. A humorous compression of maximum expression pushing the extremes of noise and silence. Start at the Wire and turn left by Napalm Death and keep counting. You might be ambushed by Martin Creed and his band, shooting out dozens of musical starbursts in flashes of wilful and wild music.

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E.g., 15-08-2018