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Sobre la Marxa, dir. Jordi Morato, 2014

Catalan Avant-Garde: Sobre La Marxa (The Creator of the Jungle)

28 Feb 2015

This screening will feature a Q&A with director Jordi Morató.

Written, directed and filmed by Jordi Morató, Sobre La Marxa (The Creator of the Jungle) is the extraordinary story of Garrell, a man who created a vast network of beautiful and unbelievable wooden structures near the Catalan village of Agrelaguer. It is also the story of how he ended up burning them to the ground and then painstakingly reconstructing them, time after time.

This documentary reveals how he came to create this fantasy world through his own footage, recorded with the collaboration of a local 14-year-old boy. The film also incorporates footage by a North American art historian and by Jordi Morató who pieces together Garrell’s extraordinary and multifaceted life: the aged man who is still a child at heart, the modern savage, the visionary admired by those who go on a pilgrimage to his forest, the misunderstood man who many labelled a lunatic. 

Watch the The Creator of the Jungle trailer.

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The Creator of the Jungle, dir. Jordi Morator, Spain 2014, 77 mins. Catalan with English subtitles

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