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Still: Carrie

Carrie + Twins of Evil

27 Jan 2007

The first in a new regular series of cult movie double-bills: Take Carrie to the prom in Brian De Palma's shocking, flamboyant psychic horror tale. The crazed split-screen action of the Grand Guignol finale has to be seen on the big-screen to be fully appreciated. (Dir Brian DePalma, USA 1976, 98 mins)

Followed by more Fundamentalist religious terror in a screening of a brand new print of the sexy, shocking 1971 Hammer classic: Two orphaned twin girls are sent to live with their vampire-hunting uncle Peter Cushing and find themselves in the middle of a Gothic nightmare. (Dir John Hough, UK 1971, 87 mins)


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E.g., 31-07-2021