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Carol, dir. Todd Haynes, 2015


27 Nov 201511 Feb 2016

In atmospheric 1950s New York, the titular Carol (Blanchett) is marooned in an unhappy marriage to rich businessman Harge Aird (Kyle Chandler, Zero Dark Thirty) when a chance meeting with dreamy shop assistant Therese (Mara, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) sparks a slow-burning romance between the two women. This prompts much soul-searching and subterfuge on their part, and a bitter custody battle with Harge over Carol’s only child, Rindy (winning newcomer K. K. Heim). Paired again with Todd Haynes, the maverick director of I’m Not There, Blanchett gives a devastating performance that should be an Oscar shoo-in, with Mara not far behind; their on-screen chemistry fully exploits Phyllis Nagy’s emotionally muscular, pitch-perfect adaptation of Patricia Highsmith’s landmark novel.

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Carol, dir. Todd Haynes, UK/USA/France 2015, 119 mins.

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