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Campo and Cork Midsummer Festival presents: FML

14 Jul 201017 Jul 2010

Misunderstood, hormonal, angry about everything...the world of a teenager is a mystery to anyone who's not one. But whilst the majority of our teens manage to come through ok, many are driven to extremes of sadness, violence, even suicide. Can anything be done to spot early warning signs and help those in trouble before it's too late? And why aren't our teenagers happier when western economic optimism has created a seemingly bottomless market of happiness: sports happiness, money happiness, McDonald's happiness, beauty happiness, love happiness, social happiness, fame happiness? Just where does it all go wrong?

Fusing video with live performance, 20 young people bring a poignant mix of true confessions, lies, quotes and teenage tales to the stage. Audiences are invited to listen and speculate as to who may fall by the wayside, who needs help and how you might tell.

Comissioned by Cork Midsummer Festival, LIFT and acclaimed Belgian theatre company, Campo, and presented at the ICA for its UK Premiere, FML explores the tragedy of teenage suicide and asks just why it is that those on the brink of life choose to end it.

Age Guidance: 16 +


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