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....Brew: The Miles Davis Project

8 May 20089 May 2008

Miles Davis is as influential and timely as ever. His music reaches beyond jazz audiences and speaks directly to the cross-currents of music-making today. Ten leading contemporary composers, from Andrew Poppy to Richard Barrett, provide fragments, loops and sound samples, inspired by Miles to create a Davis-dervied 'live brew' of sounds for the notes inégales ensemble to improvise with.

Featured composers:
Richard Barrett
Martin Butler
Philip Cashian
Tansy Davis
John Lunn
Claudia Molitor
Charlie Piper
Andrew Poppy
Colin Riley
Peter Wiegold

Featured players:
Joel Bell
Martin Butler
Christophe Fellay
Christian Forshaw
Torbjörn Hultmark
Graham Lee
John Lunn
Oren Marshall
Melinda Maxwell
Duncan Prescott
Peter Weigold

The concerts will be previewed on Resonance FM on Thursday 1 May at 8pm.

To hear Peter Weigold's Bitches Brew and more, go to


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