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Breathless + discussion

PREMIERE Breathless + discussion

27 Oct 2018

An urgent and inspirational investigation into the disaster of the largest asbestos waste dump in India. Director Daniel Lambo, following the death of his father and many others from his village, embarks on an emotional journey to explore human rights and environmental concerns currently affecting communities in India and throughout other parts of the globe. Breathless is a gripping story on the fight of individuals against a booming industry that despite endangering the lives of workers and consumers, continues to support the logics of a short sighted capitalism.

This UK premiere screening is followed by a conversation between Indian advocate Krishnendu Mukherjee and international lawyer Baskut Tuncak.

Krishnendu Mukherjee is a barrister and Indian advocate based in London. Having worked in India for many years on the issues of corporate accountability, more particularly in relation to environment and pollution, he is aware of the difficulties that individuals and communities have getting redress for human rights violations committed by companies. As part of the Business and Human Rights team at Doughty Street Chambers, he is committed to finding solutions, including those in supply chains.
Baskut Tuncak is an international lawyer, specializing in laws and policies on the management of toxic chemicals and pollution. He was appointed by the U.N. Human Rights Council as UN Special Rapporteur on ‘the human rights implications of hazardous substances and wastes’ in 2014. He is the founder of Common Rights, a collaborative of scientists and lawyers focused on pollution, human rights and corporate ethics. He is also a senior researcher at the Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Law in Lund, Sweden. Prior to his legal career, he worked as a synthetic chemist with various chemical and biotechnology companies.

Breathless, Dir. Daniel Lambo, Belgium / Netherlands, 2018, 75 mins, English


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