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Breaking Glass, dir Brian Gibson, 1980

Breaking Glass

16 Sep 2014

Tony Visconti, one of the most celebrated and respected record producers of the last 40 years who has produced David Bowie, T-Rex, Thin Lizzy, Sparks, Morrissey, Hazel O’Connor and many others, introduces a screening of Breaking Glass.

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Set in a politically significant time of the late 1970s, Breaking Glass depicts the rise and fall of a young singer, Kate Crowley (Hazel O’Connor). Disillusioned with the world, Kate’s angry music and engaged lyrics draws the attention of Danny (Phil Daniels) who becomes her manager and propels her to instant stardom. Yet Kate soon realises that popularity comes with a heavy price, and struggles to cope with the growing pressure.  

Screened in Cannes in 1980, the film's power owes much to Hazel O’Connor who gives an acting performance of a lifetime. O’Connor also wrote and recorded most of the songs in the film, and her personal experiences influenced Kate’s story. In turn, the film launched O’Connor’s career, and turned her from an unknown punk singer into a household name, just like Kate. Over-the-top make-up, David Bowie’s inspired outfits, and hits such as ‘Will You?’, ‘Eighth Day’ and ‘Give Me An Inch’ helped secure the film’s cult classic status.  

The film's soundtrack album 'Breaking Glass' was produced by the legendary record producer Tony Visconti. Tony nominated 'Breaking Glass' to be screened after his talk on 16 September at the ICA because it's "...the best film that represents my production... I love this film and I'm in it for one second."  

Breaking Glass, dir Brian Gibson, UK 1980, 104 mins, cert. 15

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