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Still: Boss of It All

Boss of It All

29 Feb 200827 Mar 2008

**** " office-based farce that's as hilariously unexpected as it is unexpectedly hilarious." Total Film 

**** Time Out 


Director Lars von Trier displays a lighter side - both in style and content - with this witty provocation about an IT company forced to hire an out-of- work actor to 'play' chairman while a corporate sale goes through. Von Trier doesn't take anything too seriously here, addressing the audience via voiceover and even relinquishing his directorial power to a computer (the film was shot in Automavision, a programme which gives the camera random orders about where to point and shoot). Frivolous as this all may seem, there's still plenty of method to Von Trier's madness...

There will be a Q&A with Caroline Bainbridge, author of The Cinema of Lars Von Trier: Authenticity and Artifice (Wallflower Press) after the 4pm screening on Sat 1 March.

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Dir Lars Von Trier, Denmark 2006, 99 mins, subtitles, 15


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