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Border Crossings: Winter in the Blood + Q&A

1 Nov 2013

Virgil First Raise wakes in a ditch on the hardscrabble plains of Montana, hungover and badly beaten, only to find that his wife, Agnes, has left him. Worse, she's taken his rifle. He sets out to town find her — or perhaps just the gun — beginning a high line odyssey of inebriated and possibly imagined intrigues in town with the mysterious 'Airplane Man', a beautiful barmaid, and two dangerous Men in Suits. Are they real, or spirits guiding him towards his true path?

Winter in the Blood premiered at the LA Film Festival, and winner of the Grand Prix at the Montreal First People’s Festival.  Origins is proud to present the first screening of this remarkable film outside North America. From the novel by Blackfoot writer James Welch. Starring Chaske Spencer (The Twilight Saga).

Followed by a Q&A with director Alex Smith.

Supported by the US Embassy.

Winter in the Blood, dir. Andrew & Alex Smith, USA 2012, 98 mins, English


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