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Bobbi Jene. dir. Elvira Lind, 2017

Bobbi Jene

28 Oct 20171 Nov 2017

After 10 years of stardom with the famed Israeli dance company Batsheva, American dancer Bobbi Jene Smith makes the decision of a lifetime to return to the US. Tearing herself away from deeply personal relationships proves harder than she ever expected, as she is forced to leave behind her mentor, choreographers and the love of her life, and to return home to an uncertain future.
The film follows Bobbi’s journey as she returns to a country she left behind, reuniting with her Catholic parents, and creates an intense solo piece that severely tests her own pain threshold and emotional endurance. As she begins to unlock an American audience and propels herself into the New York art scene, she also faces the personal sacrifices she had made getting there.
Director Elvira Lind's raw and intimate approach bursts open the world of modern dance and exposes the emotional quagmire where artistry, romance and determination intersect.

Bobbi Jene - Official U.S. Trailer - Oscilloscope Laboratories

Bobbi Jene, dir. Elvira Lind, UK 2017, 94 mins


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