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Bloomberg New Contemporaries Workshop: Professional Practice Potential

15 Jan 2011

A Speculative Workshop for an Immanent Practice. 

Taking Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2010 as a horoscope this workshop with Alun Rowlands and Ian White examines the transition between art school and art world.

Art schools are perhaps bereft of hard method, promoting a knowledge economy of managed authenticity and affective labour. Hazing into an indistinct ‘artworld’ emergent artists are pressed into shifting contexts, through the staccato of exhibitions, events and schedules of free labour.

In our contemporary, networked and digital economies - the experience industries - does the agency of art produce the ultimate analogue of precarious work? Are the prevalent forms of emergent practices ideal models of flexible subjectivity and immaterial labour? Is being an artist transitive object-free-work producing suspicious bodies of valorised knowledge - transitive through affinity for the possibility of a community? What kinds of non-knowledge or repressed knowledge are artists uniquely positioned to bring to light? Can we conceive of collective or affirmative art practices that may shirk, un-produce or unlearn?


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E.g., 23-09-2018