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Blind Loves

22 May 20097 Jun 2009

**** Time Out  **** Total Film **** The Express **** The Telegraph  **** FT

"Engrossing, beautifully crafted doc... Some charming moments play like Georges Méliès crossed with Jan Svankmajer." Variety

A playful, thoughtful documentary from Slovakia about four people, each blind since birth, making their way in life and in love. A Roma boy finds that his girlfriend's parents do not like the colour of his skin, a teenage girl dates online, a couple prepare for their first child, and a piano teacher has an underwater fairytale adventure in his small flat. With occasional animated interludes and an extraordinary intimacy, this film gives a sense of the world as lived in by the blind.

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Screening with e4 d4, a film by Ian Mcdonald until Weds 3 June.

A quiet summer's day. Four youths play chess, but this is no ordinary game. The visuals, music and voice draw us into the internal world of the players.

Dir Ian McDonald, India 2009, 3 mins

Dir Juraj Lehotský, Slovakia 2008, 77 mins, subtitles


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