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Bleepfest Evening Session

7 Oct 2006

Bleeps, Clicks, Buzzes and Whines - the sound of underground music-making rises to the surface at the ICA on Saturday 7th October - released from geekdom of bedroom composing, Bleepfest 06.2 gives the talented amateur and the professional nerd a chance to shine.

The buzz of the daytime session will be followed up by an evening sound explosion of acts including the "sterling", "infectious" electro-rock band Black Mariah, Deprogram who will bring in their "big beats with dirty atmospherics", and among others Deborah Stickland who is memorable to a lot of people as the voice in the Flying Lizards version of Money which was a big hit back in 1979.

Line up for evening concert/gig: doors open 8pm

robot bathing
Stone 3
Jack Shirt
Deborah 5m
Black Mariah

In the bar:

2:30 slowsound


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E.g., 30-07-2021