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Pablo Berger, Blancanieves, 2012


19 Jul 20131 Aug 2013

★★★★★ 'there's a flash of pure inspiration, unfakeable and unmistakable, in this extraordinarily enjoyable film' - Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
★★★★ 'a gorgeous and kinky delight' The Telegraph

Of the recent plethora of Snow White movies, Berger's silent, black-and-white take on the Grimms’ tale is perhaps the darkest, but also the most imaginative. Snow White is now Carmen, born in 1920s Seville to a badly gored bullfighter whose wife dies in childbirth. Initially raised by her grandmother, she’s eventually enslaved by her wicked stepmother, who now tends to her crippled father. But having inherited her father’s skills, Carmen joins a troupe of bullfighting dwarfs – yes, bullfighting dwarfs – leading to fame, if not fortune. Until, that is, her stepmother decides to deal decisively with this threat to her inheritance.

Sofía Oria and Macarena García are marvellous as the young and adult Carmens, as is Maribel Verdú as the stepmother, and the dwarfs are as beguiling as you might expect in this weird but very wonderful film.

Blancanieves, dir. Pablo Berger, Spain/France 2012, 105 mins, cert. 12A, silent

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