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Blades of Blood (Gu-reu-meul Beo-seo-nan Dal-cheo-reom), Dir. Lee Joon-ik, 2010

Blades of Blood (Gu-reu-meul Beo-seo-nan Dal-cheo-reom)

14 Nov 2010

Featuring an all star cast and the director of the biggest Korean box office film The King & Clown Lee Joon-ik, Blades of Blood is a stylish adaptation of the 1994 graphic novel, Like the Moon Escaping from the Clouds. In 1591 the Japanese are moments away from landing on the Korean shores looking to conqueror its people and the King’s court is embroiled with internal struggles between the East and West Councils. A young and rebellious politician, Lee Mong-hak (Cha Seung-won) tries of the bickering creates a new faction which unites the East and West to run Mong-hak out of the court for treason.

Exiled, Mong-hak raises an army to overthrow the government to bring order to the land and fend off the impending Japanese invasion. But even with the most noble of intentions Mong-hak loses sight of his goal and leaves a wake of blood and betrayal on his journey to the King. One of those betrayed friends, Hwang (Hwang Jung-min), a blind swordsman, decides that Mong-hak needs to be stopped and quickly hunts his old friend down.

The two lead performers deliver outstanding performances with Hwang possibly surpassing the role of the blind swordsman character seen previously with Shintaro Katsu and Beat Takeshi’s Zatoichi films. Seung-won plays the overly righteous Mong-hak with such conviction that you would be forgiven for agreeing with his bloody ends justifies the means approach.

Dir Lee Joon-ik, S.Korea 2010, Digibeta, 110 mins


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