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BlackSkyWhite: USSR Was Here

16 Jan 201020 Jan 2010

Moscow’s BlackSkyWhite made an indelible impression on British audiences with its nightmarish Bertrand’s Toys and subsequently with Astronomy for Insects.

USSR Was Here is a vision of disintegration. Through movement, shadows, sound and light, often terrifying characters and grotesque costume, this is an overwhelming, impressionistic response to the sudden collapse of a great edifice.

‘In a single minute this building that 250 million called home simply vanished. Perhaps it was unattractive from the outside, perhaps uncomfortable inside, for some a prison. Some were happy to see it go, others couldn’t survive the change. We don’t seek to examine the effect of its disappearance but only to display it, lest it be forgotten’.
Dimitry Aryupin.

‘The skill of the company is such that they manage to condense the entire history of mime from Debureau up to contemporary forms of expression in this extraordinary work’.
Critics’ Prize - Mimos Festival, Perigueux

‘The most alternative of all theatre groups in Russia, its performances are without even the smallest conventions. Borderless chaos, indescribable apocalypse – the audience is caught up from the first moment’.

London Premiere, 60 mins (no interval) USSR


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