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The Bird People of China, Dir Takashi Miike, 1998

The Bird People of China

5 Feb 2011

Workaholic Tokyo salaryman Wada (Masashiro Motoki) ventures into deepest, darkest China to investigate a massive deposit of high-quality jade. Tailing him is Ujiie (Renji Ishibashi), a snarling yakuza hell-bent on getting Wada's company to repay its debts. Led by their unflappable guide, Shun (Mako), the two go through rural villages and striking landscapes, quickly leaving behind all signs of the 20th century. As the trail grows narrower and more remote, the trio stumbles upon a hill tribe, whose children are adorned with wings made from bamboo and paper. Their teacher tells them that she is teaching them to fly. Wada quickly becomes obsessed with this curious local.

Dir Takashi Miike, Japan 1998, 102 mins, subtitles, 35mm, recommended cert 15


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E.g., 30-07-2021