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The Bird, Dir. Yves Caumon, 2011

The Bird

18 Aug 201230 Aug 2012

French director Yves Caumon’s beautifully-crafted character study follows elusive young Anne (Sandrine Kiberlain, Mademoiselle Chambon) living alone in a tiny Bordeaux flat and seemingly isolated from the rest of the world. Cold and withdrawn with work colleagues and cut off from friends, Anne spends her solitary nights at the cinema or shut away in her apartment. But with the arrival of an uninvited houseguest, Anne is forced to question her introverted existence and confront a profound grief that hangs over her.

Driven by Kiberlain’s astonishingly committed performance and a filmmaking style that is at once elegantly minimal and rich in emotion and ambiguity, The Bird moves towards a quietly devastating conclusion that is both profoundly moving and optimistic.

Dir. Yves Caumon, France 2011, 90 mins, French with English subtitles.
Cast. Sandrine Kiberlain, Clément Sibony and Bruno Todeschini.


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E.g., 23-09-2018