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The Gold Bug

BFI London Film Festival: The Gold Bug

13 Oct 2014

For those who like quick-fire dialogue, caustic wit and intricate plotting, this playful film-within-a-film offers a political but highly entertaining take on the world of contemporary filmmaking. A Swedish-Argentine film project focusing on a neglected nineteenth-century Swedish feminist writer is hijacked when celebrated Argentine actor Rafael Spregelburd decides that it’s about time someone stood up to European film crews that exploit the favourable shooting conditions in Argentina. Instead, he tries to convince the production to make a film about one of Argentina’s political fathers, only he has a sneaky, ulterior motive and is determined to get his own way come what may. Drawing on the versatile talents of a terrific ensemble cast, Alejo Moguillansky and Fia-Stina Sandlund craft a wickedly entertaining film about storytelling and the politics of filmmaking in the modern age. [Maria Delgado]

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