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Yred Zaleke, Lamb, 2015

BFI London Film Festival: Education Screening - Lamb

9 Oct 2015

BFI London Film Festival: 238 films. From 71 countries. 16 cinemas. 12 days. One Festival.

With only with beloved sheep to remind him of home, after the death of his mother Ephraim starts a new life with his poor relations in the countryside. He misses his family, can’t imagine ever finding a place for himself in the new setting, and once his uncle tells him the sheep will be sacrificed for an upcoming feast, is ready to do anything to get out. A story of loss, displacement and hope, Lamb offers an image of Ethiopia from Ephraim’s point of view, as he finds his way through the life that has been thrown at him.

The Education programme at the BFI London Film Festival offers special free screenings of new films from around the world selected from the Festival programme, opportunities to meet a wide range of film professionals and the chance to get involved in free or low cost projects, workshops and events.

Lamb, Yred Zaleke, Ethiopia-France 2015, Amharic with subtitles, 94 mins.

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