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William Turnbull

Beyond Time: William Turnbull

25 Nov 20111 Dec 2011

A tremendous documentary on the life, work and times of iconic British artist William Turnbull co-directed by his son Alex with personal footage from Turnbull and a who's who roster of artists, curators and critics, this is a riveting and incisive piece of filmmaking. Not only is this a fascinating account of more than sixty years in an artist's working life lived at the very peak of creativity, but it's also an illuminating study of the evolution of contemporary art filtered through the prism of one of its most important practitioners.

Narrated by Jude Law, the ICA itself is one of the featured voices in the film alongside Antony Gormley, Richard Hamilton, Matthew Collings, Nicholas Serota, Tess Jaray and many more. An illuminating treat.

Beyond Time-William Turnbull

Dir. Alex Turnbull and Pete Stern, UK 2011, No cert, 65mins


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