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Image: frame from Rutu Modan's Exit Wounds

Between the Panels: Graphic Literature Night

15 Jun 2007

Three graphic novelists offer glimpses into the future of the form: in Exit Wounds, Rutu Modan of Tel Aviv collective Actus unfolds the traumas of an Israeli son whose father may have been the victim of a suicide bombing; a dream-logic fills Polish-born Andrzej Klimowski's imagery in new book Horace Dorlan; Philip Marlowe and Dan Dare are re-imagined by British designer Rian Hughes in Yesterday's Tomorrows.

This event will be followed by signings of Rutu Modan's Exit Wounds, Andrzej Klimowksi's Horace Dorlan + The Depository + The Secret; and Rian Hughes' Yesterday's Tomorrows in the ICA Bookshop.

A Comica event, supported by Faber, Jonathan Cape and Knockabout.


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E.g., 31-07-2021