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Still: Better Things

Better Things

23 Jan 200912 Feb 2009

The quietly formidable debut feature from Duane Hopkins, whose short films Field and Love Me Or Leave Me Alone are screening for free at the ICA throughout January. This is an oblique drama that freezes a number of distinctive characters at crucial points in their lives, even if they have no way of recognising their situation. The weight of existence - impossible to grasp or quantify - makes daily life a struggle for a drug-addicted young boy, an agoraphobic woman and an emotionally wounded elderly couple. Although these storylines barely intersect, they inform on one another in unexpected ways. Patient and sensitive, Hopkins and director of photography Lol Crawley work to capture inexpressible, ineffable feelings on film. Amazingly, they succeed.

Release by Soda Pictures.

Dir Duane Hopkins, UK 2008, 93 mins, Cert 15


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