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To Better Days, Hasan Tolga Pulat, 2012

To Better Days (Güzel Günler Görecegiz)

26 Feb 2013

Eighteen year-old Cumali kills his sister in accordance with traditional honour codes, Ali loses his professional boxing license because of his involvement in illegal street fights, Figen works in a sweatshop in an Istanbul slum, İzzet works at the immigration office as a senior superintendent, and Anna has come to Turkey with dreams of finding a job and peace of mind but is now a sex worker. 

Hasan Tolga Pulat's powerful Antalya Festival multi-award winner chronicles a single day in Istanbul during which these five characters cross paths and affect each other’s lives in some way.

To Better Days, dir. Hasan Tolga Pulat, Turkey 2012, 112 mins, English subtitles, cert. 15


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E.g., 25-09-2018