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Still: Berberian Sound Studio, Dir. Peter Strickland, UK 2012

Berberian Sound Studio

14 Sep 201212 Jan 2013

The new film from Katalin Varga helmsman Peter Strickland arrives hot off the back of a rapturous reception at this year’s Edinburgh Film Festival. Set against the backdrop of a sleazy Rome film studio at the height of the Italian horror boom of the 1970s, this film features a subtle, moving performance from Toby Jones (My Week with Marilyn) as mild-mannered British sound engineer Gilderoy, called in to mix the audio for a violent horror. More used to working on benign nature documentaries, and all at sea in an environment where he understands neither the language nor the erratic behaviour of his volatile colleagues, Gilderoy slowly starts to lose his composure as the boundaries between art and reality blur and his own sanity comes into question. Part elegant psychological thriller and Lynchian character study, part loving homage to a bygone era of analogue filmmaking, Berberian Sound Studio is a unique and endlessly fascinating film from one of the most exciting UK directors working today.

Berberian Sound Studio official trailer - in cinemas 31 August

Dir. Peter Strickland, UK 2012, 92 mins, English and Italian with English subtitles

Cast. Toby Jones, Cosimo Fusco, Tonia Sotiropoulou.


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