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Still: Belle Toujours

Belle Toujours

21 Nov 200811 Dec 2008

***** Time Out

**** Total Film

**** Financial Times

**** Evening Standard

"Belle Toujours is a perfectly constructed jewel." Sight and Sound 

Forty years after Catherine Deneuve explored her sexual fantasies as Severine in Luis Buñuel's Belle de Jour, the world's oldest working filmmaker Manoel de Oliveirawho celebrated his 100th birthday this yearmischievously revisits the 1967 masterpiece. Severine is now played by a blonde-wigged Bulle Ogier (who has her own scandalous cinematic past thanks to Barbet Schroeder's Maitresse), and she's not at all pleased to find herself pursued by former client Henri (played once again by Belle de Jour's Michel Piccoli). This is not a sequel but a sly and subtle tribute to the original film, with De Oliveira finding his own way to reveal the characters' perversities. This film will be screening with the short A Bout de Truffe (except on 4-7 December).

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Dir Manoel De Oliveira, Portugal/France 2006, 68 mins, subtitles. / Dir Tom Tagholm, UK 2007, 14 mins, subtitles


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