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Still: O Zelador


11 Oct 2008

Batmacumba celebrates 11 years in style with great live music and a very special capoeira documentary. Joining DJ Cliffy in the bar is the fantastic new voice of Rio de Janeiro, Sabrina Malheiros, who’s first two albums on Far Out Recordings have launched her onto the international stage. She will be performing a live PA featuring tracks from her new album New Morning.

In the cinema we have a great documentary about capoeira, O Zelador. Shot in Brazil over a five year period in the neighbourhood of Baixada Fluminense, O Zelador (The Caretaker) explores the life of Mestre Russo who created the now famous Capoeira Street Roda of Caxias, located in one of Rio de Janeiro’s tough suburbs. The music, physical agility, self-defence and philosophy of this Afro-Brazilian cultural phenomenon helped Russo endure a life fraught with poverty and danger. Director Daren Bartlett’s intelligent and lovingly crafted documentary is an intimate portrait of Russo and his inspirational work. There will also be a live performance of capoeira.


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E.g., 23-09-2018