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Bastards, dir. Deborah Perkin, UK 2014

Bastards + Q&A

27 Jul 2014

'An extraordinarily intimate and moving portrait.'
- Geoffrey Macnab, Independent
'Arduous legal crusade...gripping scenes.'
- Peter Bradshaw, Guardian
'Riveting...more gripping than many mainstream films out there in cinemas at the moment.'
- Mark Kermode, BBC Radio 5 Live

How an illiterate young woman took on tradition, her own family, and Moroccan law, for the sake of her illegitimate child – a gripping, poignant and humorous documentary from the cutting edge of Islam.

Through Rabha El Haimer’s story, filmed over eighteen months, the Moroccan judicial system is laid open and the contemporary issues facing Islamic women are exposed as they seek to reconcile their desire for increased independence with religious and family traditions.

James Copnall, author and former BBC Morocco correspondent, hosts a Q&A with Bastards director Deborah Perkin and assistant producer Nora Fakim after the film.

Bastards, dir. Deborah Perkin, UK 2014, 82 mins, cert 12A.

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