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Ruchika Oberoi, Island City, 2015

Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival: Island City

19 Jul 2016

UK Premiere

Winner of the best directing debut at the Venice Film Festival, the film tells three stories. In the first one, a drone employee at a soulless corporation wins an office competition entitling him to a whole day of fun at the mall. However, he doesn’t have much fun at all.

The second story follows a domineering head of a family who suffers a stroke and is on life support. His newly-liberated family buy a TV and are hooked on to a popular soap when they learn to their dismay that the family head is on the road to recovery. And, in the last story, a woman who is leading a mechanical existence blossoms when she gets a series of anonymous love letters. These stories explore the different facets of life and society in the maddening city of Mumbai.

Island City, dir. Ruchika Oberoi, India 2015, 111 mins. Hindi with English subtitles.


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