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Aditya Vikram Sengupta, Asha Jaoar Majhe, 2014

Bagri Foundation London Indian Film Festival: Asha Jaoar Majhe (Labour of Love)

17 Jul 2015

A cinematically sublime, must-see debut feature that evokes the legacies of Bengali masters like Satyajit Ray and Ritwik Ghatak, Labour of Love is a seemingly simple tale set within the crumbling back lanes of modern Kolkata. 

A man carries out his solitary domestic routine in his small apartment. As the story develops however we realise that there is another inhabitant in the apartment. A woman also lives there, but through the hard toil of their lives the couple co-exist on opposing work shifts. Their love strongly binds them, but they are only truly together in the magical forests of their dreams.

With its haunting score and soundscape, Aditya Vikram Sengupta’s poetic film expands the story of two ordinary lives, caught by love and longing, into a magnificent sensory universe.

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Asha Jaoar Majhe, dir. Aditya Vikram Sengupta, India 2014, 84 mins., Bengali with English subtitles.

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