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Monsters, Dir Gareth Edwards, 2010

BAFTA Masterclasses - Visual Effects with Gareth Edwards

16 Mar 2011

Having carved out a very successful career as a BAFTA award-winning and EMMY nominated visual effects creator for the BBC, Gareth Edwards decided the time had come to embark on his own feature and capitalise on his, by now, well-honed CGI skills. What emerged was Monsters which Gareth wrote, directed and shot and has been released to wide critical acclaim, including a nomination at this year’s BAFTA Award ceremony for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

Monsters is at the forefront of a new revolution in independent, low budget genre cinema set to inspire film students and filmmakers wondering how they can compete with Hollywood, with a budget of just £15,000, a laptop and off the shelf software for special effects. We are delighted to welcome Gareth who will be discussing his DIY code of “pick up a camera and make something” and finding out more about his experiences of getting his debut feature made.


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