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Photo: eRikm

Atlantic Waves: Sirr Night

11 Nov 2007

Curated by Portuguese record label Sirr, a celebration of experimental music, sound art and phonography, with Jason Kahn (USA/Switzerland), eRikm (France), John Grzinich (USA/Estonia) and Paulo Raposo (Portugal), Achim Wollscheild (Germany), Marc Behrens (Germany), Eric La Casa (France) and André Gonçalves (Portugal), Anthony Pateras (Australia), Manu Holterbach (France), Kenneth Krischner (USA) and Pedro Carneiro (Portugal).

This programme includes three exclusive world premieres:

  • Jason Kahn, eRikm, John Grzinich, Paulo Raposo
  • Achim Wollscheid, Marc Behrens, Eric La Casa, André Gonçalves
  • Anthony Pateras, Manu Holterbach, Kenneth Kirschner, Pedro Carneiro

Presented in association with The Wire 25, The Wire magazine's 25th birthday season


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