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Image: KBhta

ATH-LDN: KBhta plus Poeta Negra Label Showcase

28 Apr 2007

The second evening hosted by ATH-LDN sees celebrated electronic music producer KBhta and his recent audio-visual work Transformations, a contemporary reworking of classic compositions by the unsurpassed composer Manos Hatjidakis, in the ICA Theatre. The performance will be accomapnied by showcase from Thessaloniki-based independent record label Poeta Negra in the ICA Bar. Spyweirdos will be offer a taste of the many different sonic projects associated with Poeta Negra, including soundscapes, mastering and music composition with collaborators such as Alva Noto, Murcof, B. Fleischmann and John Mourjopoulos. Peekay Tayloh will present Centrifugal, a soundscape whose breakbeats narration is layered with ambient atmospheric sound, passages of jazz and noise.


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E.g., 02-08-2021