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Photo: Erasers

ATH-LDN: The Erasers + Quetempo Label Showcase

27 Apr 2007

Hellenic Sonic Airlines welcomes you on board ATH-LDN, a sonic voyage showcasing some of the most innovative musicians, sound artists, producers, performers and DJs working in Greece today. The Erasers will perform Terminal Accident Documents, a multimedia live art experience exploring different possibilities of escaping conventional identities. Powerful and intense, it will provoke audience participation in erasing aspects of culture and history. The performance will be followed by Athens-based record label Quetempo showcasing Biomass' latest audiovisual work Marketa hybrid of minimal ambient, skelectrical dub and political ideasand Elektroware who will present sounds based on minimal sonics utilising hidden melodies and drones that peak with abstract beats and noise infused soundscapes.


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E.g., 30-07-2021