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Ateliers Du Spectacle

Ateliers Du Spectacle: A Distances

28 Jan 201031 Jan 2010

Directed by Thierry Roisin. Performers: Jean-Pierre Larroche and Jérémie Garry

From France, extraordinary animation theatre in seven short episodes, mysterious, unconventional and hilarious. A Distances is a micro-epic for two performers, shadows, puppets, objects, sounds, imagination and wonderful, clanking Heath-Robinson machinery.

From the same planet as Faulty Optic, Jan Svankmejer and the Brothers Quay, Jean-Pierre Larroche's Ateliers du Spectacle have been devising boundary-breaking visual theatre for more than twenty years. A Distances won the Jury prize for Most Original Production at the 2009 Valladolid Festival, Spain

‘Is it a show or a dream? It's both and more and unlike anything you've seen before. They are engineers of art and genius'. La Croix

‘Astonishing, poetic and completely original'. Il Messagero


UK Premiere, 80 mins (no interval), France


E.g., 22-09-2018
E.g., 22-09-2018